Refurbished Apple Macs



16GB Internal Storage


9.7 inch multi-touch ‘Retina’ display

12 Month Warranty

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APPLE IPAD (4th Gen)

In stock now!

All Ex-Lease Apple iPads begin their life as either a business or education lease tablet, then are refurbished and resold by BrandPost giving you the quality of a new iPad at a fraction of the price.

BrandPost Quality Ex-Lease Products are different. All our Apple iPads are high quality devices that have performed perfectly over their lease and are guaranteed to have a lot of life left in them, and all include a 12 month warranty.


  • 16GB Internal Storage
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • iOS 9.2
  • 9.7 inch multi-touch ‘Retina’ display
  • Resolution: 2048×1536 (264 ppi)
  • Size: 241 mm x 185 mm x 9 mm
  • Weight: 662g
  • Lightning connector
  • Comes with charger cable and AC adapter

In good condition, may have superficial marks/scratches






Additional Information

Weight 2 kg
Ink Post Certified Refurbished Products are Ex-Lease Business or Education machines that undergo Ink Post’s stringent refurbishment process prior to being offered for sale. Ink Post refurbished PC, Apple Mac & LCD monitors are different to other refurbished products in that they have been in fully working order throughout their lease, and have not been returned for warranty or technical issues. Furthermore, every unit is evaluated to ensure it meets Ink Post’s high quality standards.
Each Ink Post Certified Refurbished Product:
  • is fully tested
  • battery checked to be holding at least 80% of original charge, if not it is replaced.
  • charger checked to be operating at same performance as new, if not it is replaced.
  • hard drive diagnostic run to guarantee credibility of the hard drive.
  • includes either a new load of the Operating System originally shipped with the unit. In some cases a more recent version is installed.
  • Full clean and Final QA inspection prior to being added to sellable refurbished stock.
What should I expect when I purchase an Ink Post Certified Refurbished Product?
  • Substantial savings over buying new
  • A fully functional unit with fresh Operating System
  • The assurance that the unit meets Ink Post premiere quality standards.
All Ink Post Certified Refurbished Apple iPads are covered by a 3-month limited warranty.